Part of what gives us our “small company” feel is our dedication to actively serve our local communities and support the causes that resonate with our employees. We welcome the opportunity to support organizations, activities, and initiatives that improve quality of life.

If you are interested in asking for a donation of time, money, or expertise from Trihydro for your community project or event, please visit our Donation Request page.

"Trihydro is a vital member of the Laramie business community. Over the years they have demonstrated strong business leadership and commitment to community. Their high ethical standards, professionalism, and pride in their work makes them a trusted adviser for any company that needs their business services."
- Gary Negich, President, First Interstate Bank
Erin N
ERIN N. "It was Trihydro’s small-company feel and large-scale projects that drew me in."

Chemical Engineer - Signal Hill, CA
Joined Trihydro: 2005