With our Wyoming headquarters and a number of other offices located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain West oil patch, it was completely natural that Trihydro should become engaged in serving the upstream oil and gas market.  Given the wide range of applicable services we offer, we are able to support our oil and gas clients from long before the first well is spudded (e.g., NEPA assessments, baseline water quality programs, surveying, and pad design) through the development phase and long-term operations (e.g., SPCC, SWPPP, and waste management).  

"Trihydro has put in the time and effort to understand the needs of our facilities and consistently meets those needs in a timely and knowledgeable manner. We appreciate the professionalism we find in all levels of Trihydro’s staff."
- Cortnie Morrell, Environmental Specialist IV, Williams Midstream
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Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer

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