Take the complexity out of LDAR monitoring and reporting with LeakTracker Pro’s® efficient workflows and one-click reporting.

LeakTracker Pro® simplifies the process of leak monitoring and repairs by providing customized workflows, notifications, and detailed reporting. With LeakTracker Pro, you can confidently navigate the leak detection and repair (LDAR) process while complying with state and federal regulations.

Because regulatory requirements change frequently, we continually update LeakTracker Pro to match the evolving regulatory landscape. With LeakTracker Pro, we take care of the details so you can focus on your core business.

Simplify Workflows

Quickly capture field data through LeakTracker Pro's mobile app.

  • Android and iOS compatible for phone or tablet use
  • LDAR tag scanning
  • Georeferenced survey and leak records
  • Built-in logic to capture complete and accurate monitoring and repair data
  • Collect data required for multiple regulations in a single inspection
  • Guided, step-by-step optical gas imaging (OGI) and audio/visual/olfactory (AVO) surveying process
  • Offline data capture for cloud uploads when connectivity is restored

Program Compliance

Relieve the headaches of tight deadlines, tricky reporting formats, and work order challenges associated with your federal, state, or voluntary programs.

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Scheduling and Alerts

Let LeakTracker Pro mind the details of strict monitoring frequencies and repair deadlines while you focus on the big picture.

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Data Management

Visit LeakTracker Pro’s online portal to view, track, and analyze leak and repair data.

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Recordkeeping and Reporting

Stay organized and audit-ready with LeakTracker Pro’s cloud storage and one-click reporting templates.

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LeakTracker Pro’s one-click reporting has saved me countless hours.  We used to spend so much time compiling our reports and now we just have to click a button – it takes seconds.  We use LeakTracker Pro to maintain compliance and have also found it useful in implementing voluntary programs.

David Burch, Regional Operations Manager
Industrial Specialty Services (ISS)

Getting Started Is Easy

Ready to take the worry out of LDAR monitoring with LeakTracker Pro’s automated guidance? With a few simple steps, you'll be up and running with LeakTracker Pro in just a few days.

  1. Schedule a demo: Experience LeakTracker Pro’s features and see how they benefit your LDAR process.
  2. SaaS agreement: We work together to execute a SaaS agreement that works for your business.
  3. Data setup: We import facility information provided by your LDAR team and assign applicable regulations and survey types, which determine the inspection frequencies and repair deadlines.
  4. User experience customization: We help set up your preferred role-based access controls, workflows, and notification settings.
  5. Onboarding and training: Your team is onboarded through a series of trainings where each user group learns how to perform their tasks using LeakTracker Pro based on user roles. Ongoing support is provided through the helpdesk for all your users, regardless of their role.


Trihydro was chosen to receive two awards for the development and deployment of LeakTracker Pro: the 2019 Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) Business Achievement Award for Information Technology (IT) and the 2019 Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) IT Award.  


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