Municipal services have been part of civilization for over 6,000 years. Constructing and maintaining the systems that deliver those services is central to the world we live in. Trihydro understands that municipalities must serve their residents by providing Capital Improvement Projects and maintaining critical infrastructure such as water mains, sewers, and roadways. However, municipal engineers do more than that; finding funding, presenting to elected officials and residents, project budgeting and estimating, and prioritizing projects are under their purview.

Our team has assisted with the planning, analysis, design, and implementation of water distribution, storm and sanitary sewers, municipal landfills and waste transfer stations. Working with our geographic information systems (GIS) and survey groups, we have prepared, hosted, and upgraded utility and sign inventories and infrastructure asset management databases for local and state governmental agencies. Our engineers have presented at public meetings and understand the sensitive relationship between elected officials, municipal staff, and the voting public. We help communities plan for the future, and then implement that vision. 

We combine our municipal experience with progressive technical skills to successfully complete projects for our clients.




Business Unit Leader Infrastructure and Natural Resources

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