Manage, analyze, and report fenceline monitoring data with Fenceline ProTM, a software solution built to help facilities comply with fenceline monitoring requirements.

Leveraging decades of regulatory experience, Trihydro developed Fenceline Pro™ to simplify fenceline monitoring compliance and enable facilities to make informed decisions.

Fenceline Pro allows personnel to collect, monitor, and report air pollutant data at the fenceline to comply with EPA Clean Air Act regulations. With Fenceline Pro, facility personnel can avoid human error during data collection, combine meteorological data with field and lab data, understand offsite impacts, perform root cause analysis, track corrective actions, and create an auditable process.

Platform Capabilities

  • app Simple to use mobile app
  • paperless Paperless data capture and upload
  • offline Offline data collection capability
  • geo Geospatially enabled facility data
  • built-in Built-in data validation
  • workflow-auto Workflow automation
  • alerts Alerts and notifications
  • scheduling Root cause analysis tool
  • ogi Windrose animation
  • data-man Data trending and charting tools
  • consent One button EPA CEDRI report generation
flp dashboard

flp map

Field Data Collection

Easy to use mobile app to quickly capture field data.

  • Automate workflows
  • Automatically collect sample placement and collection times
  • Capture sample tube IDs and sample types
  • Collect data offline

Program Compliance

Built-in business logic supports compliance with EPA methods.

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Data Management

Streamlined digital data collection and data visibility.

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One-Button EPA Reporting

Fenceline Pro populates regulatory reports, including the EPA CEDRI report, with complete sample data for submittal.

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Alerts and Notifications

Proactive communications to support program compliance.

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Getting Started Is Easy

Ready to take advantage of Fenceline Pro’s secure data management, visualization and analysis tools, simple EPA reporting, and positive return on investment? Here’s what next steps look like:

  1. Schedule a demo: See how Fenceline Pro's features benefit your fenceline monitoring process.
  2. SaaS agreement: We work together to execute a SaaS agreement that works for your business.
  3. Data set-up: We import information provided by your team. 
  4. User experience customization: We help set up your preferred role-based access controls, workflows, and notification settings. 
  5. Onboarding and training: Your team is onboarded through a series of trainings where users learn how to perform their tasks using Fenceline Pro. Ongoing support is provided through the helpdesk for all your users, regardless of their role.

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