A cloud-based connected vehicle solution

As departments of transportation (DOTs) and smart cities increasingly implement connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) applications, demand for solutions that help simplify complex CAV technology grows. CORVUS®, Trihydro’s CAV solution, helps DOTs and smart cities enjoy the benefits of CAV technology with maximum efficiency.

 CORVUS allows DOTs and smart cities to create, manage, and distribute traveler information messages (TIMs) without costly custom software development and integration.


Build time-critical TIMs for CAVs and deliver them to a wide range of vehicles.

  • Create messages programmatically or manually
  • Built-in logic creates messages that comply with standards
  • Get started with as little as a start point, end point, and ITIS codes


Once messages are created, CORVUS handles the logistics of delivering messages to roadside units (RSUs) and SDX.

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CORVUS integrates natively with a spectrum-independent message delivery system, SDX, allowing third parties such as mobile phones, automakers, and satellite radio providers to deliver messages to vehicles without RSUs nearby.

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LeakTracker Pro’s one-click reporting has saved me countless hours.  We used to spend so much time compiling our reports and now we just have to click a button – it takes seconds.  We use LeakTracker Pro to maintain compliance and have also found it useful in implementing voluntary programs.

David Burch, Regional Operations Manager
Industrial Specialty Services (ISS)

Getting Started

Looking to reduce the time and expense related to CAV deployment? With CORVUS, you can efficiently and cost-effectively create, manage, and distribute CAV messages. Here’s what getting set-up looks like:

get started
  1. We review your current 511 system and data flow.
  2. After evaluating the existing system we provide a cost estimate to integrate CORVUS with your existing 511 and Road Construction management systems.
  3. We work with your staff and vendors to integrate the existing systems with CORVUS.
  4. We deploy our Client Hosted System into your environment and integrate CORVUS with your SCMS
  5. We train your team on the CORVUS website portal to view and manage CAV messages.
  6. You’re ready to deploy CORVUS. CAV Messaging begins broadcasting in a production environment.
  7. We provide ongoing support for CAV messages and monitoring.

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Shane Zumpf Trihydro 
CORVUS Product Manager

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