Regain confidence in your field data with FieldVision’s intuitive mobile app and online dashboard.

We leveraged our 38 years of regulatory experience and the latest technology to bring you the best data collection and management tool available for environmental compliance.

Whether you’re tracking compliance for one program or fifteen, FieldVisionTM can handle the unique specifications for any paper-based inspection form. Plus, we update our software regularly to meet the evolving requirements for SWPPP, SPCC, BWON & CC EPA regulations so you stay in compliance. 

Field Data Collection

Tired of using pen and paper to collect data when everything else can be done on a phone or computer? Make the process easier and more efficient with FieldVision’s mobile app.

  • Android and iOS compatible for phone or tablet use
  • Built-in checks and balances to ensure complete, current, and accurate data
  • Data instantly uploads to the cloud for dashboard analysis
  • Geospatial data collection
  • Paperless data capture and upload

Program Compliance

Many environmental programs have complex requirements that demand daily, weekly, and monthly actions. Whether you’re gathering BWON data for 40 CFR Part 61 Subpart FF, wastewater data for 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart QQQ, or simply trying to comply with RCRA or consent decree requirements, FieldVision can be configured to improve the process with field forms.

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Data Management

Save worrying about whether the right inspections have been completed, or if you have compliance issues. Verify your programs are on track with the click of a button by visiting your online dashboard to quickly view, track, and analyze data.

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Recordkeeping and Reporting

Be ready for an audit at any minute without stacks and stacks of paper on file. Streamline your compliance deliverables by leveraging FieldVision’s cloud storage and pre-programmed reporting templates.

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Compare to Traditional Data Collection

FieldVision was developed in tandem by our environmental compliance experts and technology service professionals to bring you a practical, industry-specific solution that leverages the best of today’s technology. See how it compares to the traditional way of collecting and analyzing data with paper and spreadsheets.


Paper and Spreadsheet Method FieldVision
Collect Required Information

Collect information in the field and report it according to your compliance program or other needs.

Yes Yes
Mobile App

Collect data on any mobile device, designed to function with or without WiFi.

Data Validation

Warn the user of unexpected values and prevent entry of invalid data.

Limited Yes
Ensure Complete Information

Ensure that you have complete information for all specified locations.

No Yes
Log User and Date/Time Automatically

Know who collected what information, and when.

No Yes
Geospatial Data Collection

Ensure data are collected at the right location, and log where the user was when collecting information for a location.

No Yes
System of Record

Single system that is the authoritative data source for critical field data. Avoid multiple different copies of data.

No Yes
Record-Keeping / Retention

Ensure that correct and complete field data records exist and are retained for the necessary time periods.

Limited Yes

Provide reports in various formats from system of record.

No Yes
Workflow / Scheduling / Notifications

Be advised of upcoming events, team activity, critical data-values; activate team member notifications.

No Yes
Avoid Data Transcription / Copying

Avoid repetitive manual data processing, and the resulting errors.

No Yes
Follow-Up Actions

Based on field-data automatically schedule a follow-up action/survey at a location and within a certain time frame.

No Yes
Data Security

Cloud-hosted platform compliant with various international security standards.

No Yes
Role-Based Authorization

Grant or restrict permissions according to roles on your team.

No Yes
Dedicated Support

Call or email our dedicated support team for any questions/needs.

No Yes
Continuous Improvement

Benefit from continuous development of additional features and enhancements.

No Yes
Easy, Custom Implementation

Get up and running quickly without impacting your IT team.

No Yes


LeakTracker Pro’s one-click reporting has saved me countless hours.  We used to spend so much time compiling our reports and now we just have to click a button – it takes seconds.  We use LeakTracker Pro to maintain compliance and have also found it useful in implementing voluntary programs.

David Burch, Regional Operations Manager
Industrial Specialty Services (ISS)

Getting Started Is Easy

Are you ready to save valuable time in the field and office with the FieldVision mobile app and online dashboard?

We know you already have processes and systems in place to support your compliance programs, which is why we have made it easy to start using FieldVision today. We take care of the transition and integration for you through the following simple steps:

  1. We schedule a demo and/or phone call with your key stakeholders to understand your current pain points and discuss how we can optimize your environmental programs with FieldVision.
  2. Your team scans and sends us your current inspection forms.
  3. We translate those forms into an easy-to-use, digital form in FieldVision that can be used on a phone or tablet.
  4. We build out your preferred data viewing and reporting dashboard(s).
  5. We build your preferred reporting format templates.
  6. We train your environmental team thoroughly, so they are comfortable entering data into the mobile app.
  7. You’re ready to use FieldVision! Work confidently and efficiently.
  8. We have your back. We provide ongoing support and remain engaged with your team regarding updates to the FieldVision platform and your specific implementations.


Trihydro’s FieldVision platform received the 2020 Information Technology Award from the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ). The award recognizes companies that have successfully implemented cost-saving software to collect, manage, analyze, and report environmental and operational data.



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