With 22 offices and more than 500 staff resources located throughout the U.S., we have experience working with state divisions such as Departments of Transportation, Departments of Environmental Quality, Departments of Natural Resources, State Parks, Game and Fish, Water Development, Abandoned Mines, Land Quality/Mining, and others.
Several members of Trihydro’s staff were previously employed by state agencies as geologists, engineers, project managers, and section leads, which provides us an in-depth understanding of regulatory processes, requirements, and challenges faced by agency personnel. Our regulatory perspective and working relationships with agency staff allow our teams to move projects from concept to completion in a timely and collaborative manner. As of 2017, Trihydro has helped state agencies bring over 75 contaminated sites to closure and fully reclaimed 24 abandoned mine sites, the ultimate goal for many clients.

"While working with Trihydro on an Abandoned Mine Land reclamation project, we learned that distance between our offices is no obstacle. Their friendly customer service and use of technology makes them feel right next door.  We have been very impressed with their professional presentations and technical abilities during the design and construction process. Trihydro is always well-prepared and able to bring clear understanding regarding how technical drawings will translate in the field."
- Susan Kozak, Chief, Mines and Minerals Bureau, Division of Soil Conservation



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