We deliver powerful software solutions by pairing the experience of our regulatory subject matter experts with the talents of our in-house software developers. Trihydro’s easy-to-use and secure software enables customers to optimize project management processes, extract data insights, and take advantage of emerging technologies.

Our software is designed to save you time and money with efficient and reliable workflow.

Environmental Software


LeakTracker Pro® helps oil and gas operators manage survey, leak, and repair information, as well as report on fugitive emissions. The product supports regulatory compliance with state and federal regulations such as OOOOa, GHG Subpart W, CO Reg 7, and internal voluntary surveys.

  • Collect field data efficiently and consistently with the mobile app
  • Manage scheduling and workflows
  • Analyze data, track progress, and receive alerts through the web portal
  • Benefit from secure cloud-based recordkeeping and one-click reporting
enflection trihydro

EnFlection® is Trihydro’s environmental data management system, allowing users to upload, validate, and report on environmental data including leachate, groundwater, surface water, stormwater, and soil samples.

  • Gain visibility into project activity, data, and key performance indicators
  • View project data geographically with custom maps
  • Query data with custom standards for rapid reporting and review
  • Maintain control and flexibility with role-based authorizations and unlimited scalability
fencline pro trihydro

Fenceline Pro™ helps refineries comply with the EPA Refinery Sector Rule, which mandates benzene monitoring at a facility’s fence line.

  • Track field sample placement and collection with the mobile app
  • Automate meteorological data collection
  • View dashboard, alerts, and trends in the web portal
  • Benefit from secure cloud-based recordkeeping with one-click CEDRI reporting
fieldvision trihydro

FieldVision™ simplifies environmental field data collection, recordkeeping, and reporting for a range of regulatory needs including Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC), tank inspections, stormwater plan inspections, groundwater monitoring, and BWON carbon canister inspections.

  • Collect field data efficiently and consistently with the mobile app
  • Customize locations, frequencies, and form logic
  • Geo-reference and geo-validate data collection
  • Benefit from secure cloud-based recordkeeping with customizable reporting

Transportation Technology Software

Situation Data Exchange-trihydro

Situation Data Exchange® (SDX®) is a nationwide scalable solution that allows departments of transportation (DOTs) to exchange transportation data such as traveler and work zone information to increase driver safety and enhance traffic flow efficiency.

  • Allow third-party access to connected vehicle messages through a secure API
  • Increase connected vehicle coverage beyond roadside units (RSUs) deployment
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest version of Work Zone Data Exchange Feeds
  • Use Alexa Traveler Information Skill for hands-free/eyes-free TIMs delivery
corvus trihydro

CORVUS® is an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solution that helps DOTs and traffic management centers (TMCs) create, manage, and distribute connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) traveler information messages (TIMs) without costly custom software development and integration.

  • Simplify integration with local or state TMC
  • Manage the complete TIM lifecycle, including creation, updates, and deletion
  • Deliver messages to RSUs and the SDX
  • Allow third parties such as cellular services, automakers, and satellite radio providers to deliver messages to vehicles without RSUs nearby