From remediation, permitting, and modeling to air compliance and regulatory negotiation, Trihydro has successfully completed projects at over one third of the operating refineries in the U.S.  We understand the processes and the safety issues. We know what a turnaround is and the importance of not interfering with schedule or operations. We understand the business of refining, and because we do, you can spend more time managing the environmental aspects of your projects and less time managing your consultant.

Refinery projects are often, but not always, large and complex.  These projects can generate massive data sets that can require efficient management and analysis to enable timely and effective decision-making regarding project direction.  We have developed custom software tools (Project Direct©) in direct response to this data management challenge.  The application of these tools, in combination with the expertise of our refinery team, provides you with a powerful combination to address your site’s environmental issues.

Trihydro's experience in providing environmental services at refineries is one of the best in our industry. We have current or recent project experience at one-third of the active refineries in the U.S., and are also involved with remediation and redevelopment at a large number of closed refinery sites.

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