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The Situation Data Exchange (SDX)® is a one-stop shop for critical, authenticated traveler information – a centralized data retention and distribution source for connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) information such as Traveler Information Messages (TIMs). Originally developed under funding from the United State Department of Transportation (USDOT) for its Connected Vehicle Pilot Program, Trihydro took over system ownership in early 2019. SDX supports CAV messages covering roadways for all 50 states.
With SDX, Departments of Transportation (DOTs) can distribute important traveler and work zone information to drivers, helping increase safety and creating efficiencies in traffic flow and route planning. The SDX is available as a standalone CAV messaging solution or as a complement to existing CAV infrastructure.


SDX provides a secure interface for depositing and querying CAV messages.

  • API tokens for authenticated deposits and queries
  • SCMS certificates required for CAV message deposits ensures authenticated messaging
  • Authenticated DOT users required for message deposits


With SDX, there’s no need to worry about drivers receiving messages from untrusted

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SDX serves as a central third-party messaging repository service, which allows third parties to consistently retrieve reliable and accurate road and travel information. Current message support includes traveler Information Messages (TIMs), Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) Messages, Roadside Safety Messages (RSMs), and MAP Messages.

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Wyoming's Department of Transportation has, in collaboration with Trihydro’s Situation Data Exchange (SDX) Team, proactively visioned and deployed an exemplary engagement model that maximizes coordinated creation, maintenance, and dissemination of road incident updates served between Wyoming's jurisdictional levels, their constituents, and navigation companies. The SDX packages Wyoming's high-quality valid and ground-truthed data in the desired WZDx format and exposes it through a robust API endpoint, all of which reduces Google Maps’ effort to acquire and translate Wyoming’s road incident updates into automated navigation solutions reflecting a holistic view of road network conditions. It’s been a pleasure working with the WYDOT and Trihydro teams to both understand and encourage their motivations and capabilities!

Eric Kolb, Staff Data Engineer

How It Works

SDX and the Alexa Traveler Information Skill: Supporting Vision Zero


Ready to gain the benefits of CAV messaging? We can help get you up to speed and provide you access to SDX in as little as a day. Steps to get started are as follows.

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  1. We set up a meeting to demo SDX and answer questions you may have.
  2. We help you create an account on our SDX Beta site.
  3. You review the API for deposits and queries.
  4. Your review the sample application for querying the SDX.
  5. We provide ongoing support for SDX updates.

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Shane Zumpf Trihydro 
SDX Product Manager