Recently, domestic supplies of more affordable natural gas and natural gas liquids have created a new competitive advantage for the U.S. chemicals industry. The combination of the U.S. advantaged feedstock, lower energy costs, and capital investment has resulted in a dramatic upswing in all types of activity in this business segment. Trihydro has been providing a cross-section of our core services to this industry for years and stands ready to assist both existing and new petrochemical clients moving forward. 

Whether your needs relate to air compliance and regulations, decommissioning outdated facilities to make room for new, or due diligence associated with an acquisition, Trihydro’s professionals have the necessary expertise. And our well-recognized responsiveness will be critical when your project is under tight deadlines. 
"We keep coming back to Trihydro because of the people that work there and their practical/unique understanding of the environmental issues we face.  For us, Trihydro's employees make all the difference."
- Guillermo J. Silva-Wiscovich, Partner, Morell Bauza Cartagena & Dapena LLC



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