Our health and safety practices are best in class and have benefited from 30 years of working in collaboration with the safety culture of several Fortune 100 companies.

Our dedication to achieving “Zero Incidents” has helped us create a close-knit family environment—a community armed with health and safety skills above and beyond industry standards.  We value our employees as corporate family members; we view them as mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who deserve to go home safely each night.  When you work with Trihydro, you become part of our family and can count on our commitment to safety in every aspect of what we do, every day.

Trihydro’s safety culture is embodied in SENTRI, a behavior-based system developed in-house by our own safety professionals.  SENTRI was designed and built for purpose to specifically address the safety challenges we face every day working on sites just like yours.

National Safety Council

We believe that with proper and consistent training, accidents can be prevented— whether employees are working with “boots on the ground” at a refinery, typing at their desks, or standing on a ladder in their backyard.

TONY K. "After seeing too many people get injured in preventable accidents, I felt like I needed to do something to help avoid these types of tragedies. That is why I am a Health and Safety Coordinator."

Health & Safety Coordinator - Laramie, WY
Joined Trihydro: 2012