In 1984, Laramie, Wyoming became home to Trihydro, an engineering and environmental consulting firm started by a geologist and a chemist with a passion for their new business.

Our business grew based on a relentless desire to apply scientific knowledge and a no-nonsense approach to solve our clients’ environmental problems. Since then, we have advanced purposefully and tirelessly – in science, engineering, business, and technology – to meet the needs of our clients and provide solutions that make for a better and sustainable environment. 

Today, we have more employees and more offices, and we continue to push ourselves to provide the most effective, responsive, and safe solutions we can - in Wyoming, across the country, and across the globe. Our company culture is one of integrity, honesty, fairness, and trust and these values have made us one of the nation’s top engineering and environmental firms. As we continue to grow, we won’t lose sight of doing business our way – the way our employees, partners, and clients deserve.



Our code of ethics is best described by the book Cowboy Ethics, What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West. We feel the core message of the Code of the West closely matches the way we operate our business, and is reflected in our corporate culture.

Live each day with courage
Take pride in your work
Always finish what you start
Do what has to be done
Be tough, but fair
When you make a promise, keep it
Ride for the brand
Talk less and say more
Remember that some things aren't for sale
Know where to draw the line

-James P. Owen, Cowboy Ethics, reprinted with permission