Trihydro is an engineering and environmental consulting firm committed to providing effective solutions. We approach each project as an opportunity to partner with our clients and build trust based upon successful outcomes. With project experience extending back to 1984, our professional engineers, geologists, scientists, designers, and regulatory experts understand how to take a strategic vision, turn it into a practical plan or design, and move it through project delivery. 

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We offer comprehensive environmental services, engineering expertise, and technology solutions.
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Trihydro has 500 people dedicated to service excellence. Our mid-size means
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Trihydro's corporate code of conduct is based on a book titled Cowboy Ethics, What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West by James P. Owen. The Code of the West has 10 tenets, and in 2017, Trihydro added one more: "Leave it better than you found it." Our cultural code underpins how we approach projects, relationships, and challenges.

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The environmental and engineering services we provide benefit multiple markets. While the types of services we offer may be similar, each market's challenges are unique. Trihydro is committed to understanding each specific industry, market, and client in order to develop specific, fit-for-purpose solutions. 


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Clarifier Retrofit and Water Treatment Plant High-Service Pump Replacement

City of Marble Falls
Marble Falls, TX


The City of Marble Falls had added a new clarifier to its water treatment plant a few years before this project and had reached a point where the original clarifier needed to function similarly to the newer equipment. The City of Marble Falls selected Trihydro to renovate its original water treatment plant clarifier. Upon inspection, Trihydro identified that the two clarifiers were not hydraulically balanced, and successful engineering renovations to the original clarifier would require implementing measures to operate the two clarifiers at the same hydraulic grade line (HGL).

The project involved installing two new high-service pumps to replace the existing pumps, which were rated +/- 1,000 gallons per minute (GPM) and started across the line. The new pumps are rated at +/- 2,400 GPM with variable frequency drive (VFD) controls to achieve high-service flow of 4,800 GPM. While the City of Marble Falls was able to operate with a single clarifier during low flow periods, developing and maintaining an expedited project schedule was of the essence so renovations would be complete for approaching periods of high demand.

During preliminary design, Trihydro conducted a field survey and interior examination to document existing structural issues that could adversely affect renovation. Trihydro also held discussions early on with equipment suppliers and contractors to coordinate the most expedient way to proceed with the clarifier renovation. Preliminary design involved collecting existing hydraulic data on the high-service pump station and calculating suction side hydraulics to determine if piping or structural issues would impact the ability to achieve the desired pumping capacity. For the discharge side, Trihydro calculated the average and peak total dynamic head (TDH) for the two new pumps and for the entire pump station to select pump sizing. The preliminary design phase also entailed overseeing supervisory controls and data acquisition (SCADA) configuration while keeping the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) informed of the project’s progression to support streamlined reviews and approvals in later project phases.

With the final design delivered and approved on time, Trihydro moved on to bidding the project for construction and providing a recommendation on award. After the City Council approved the construction contact, Trihydro oversaw the on-time and on-schedule clarifier renovation, allowing the City of Marble Falls to continue providing high-quality, reliable service to its customers. 

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