In 1984, a geologist and a chemist with a vision and a passion for developing sustainable solutions founded Trihydro. Since then, we have advanced purposefully in environmental science, engineering, technology, and regulatory compliance to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Today, we have more than 500 team members across the country, and we continue to push ourselves to provide effective, responsive, and safe solutions. Our culture of integrity and fairness has made us one of the nation’s top engineering and environmental firms. As we continue to grow, we won’t lose sight of doing business our way—the way our employees, partners, and clients deserve.

Solutions you can count on

We offer comprehensive environmental services, engineering expertise, and technology solutions.
We focus on how each provided service factors into the bigger picture, so our solutions fully integrate into our clients' overall visions.

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People you can trust

Trihydro has 500 people dedicated to service excellence. Our mid-size means
we have the expertise and manpower to provide project solutions, while still being small
enough to prioritize our individual clients' needs.

Our team


In 2005, we adopted a cultural ethos called the Code of the West, which influences how we “show up” every day. We’re proud of the diverse technical experts and thoughtful minds who come to work ready to tackle each day’s challenges, and the following principles underpin everything we do:

Live Each Day With Courage
Take Pride In Your Work
Always Finish What You Start
Do What Has To Be Done
Be Tough, But Fair
When You Make A Promise, Keep It

Ride For The Brand
Talk Less And Say More
Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale
Know Where To Draw The Line
Leave It Better Than You Found It*

- James P. Owen, Cowboy Ethics, reprinted with permission;  *added by Trihydro

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Working with Trihydro truly feels like a partnership. Whatever the circumstance is, we are in it together to resolve the environmental task at hand. It is always about doing the right thing, which makes us always on the same page. I have learned so much from Trihydro teammates over the years and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

- Timothy Smith, Director, Facilities, Central Ohio Transit Authority