EPA Launches New E-Manifest System for Hazardous Waste Data
EPA recently launched its new Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System...
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    Drones and Your Environmental Data: Why You Should Consider Taking to the Sky
    The use of drones to collect and use environmental data is revolutionizing the industry...
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    Laramie Celebrates 150 Years
    Laramie is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year...
    4th of July Safety Tips
    This 4th of July make sure to celebrate safely by following these 5 tips.
    2019 is Deadline for Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Updates
    ISWM Program, which requires communities statewide to prepare and maintain a plan for disposing, treating, or recycling solid waste...
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    Safety Tip: Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
    The Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th each year. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season runs May 15th through November 30th...
    BUILD Act boosts EPA Brownfields Program
    The year 2018 has already proven to be a success for brownfields redevelopment...
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    Trihydro Drilling Safety Month 2018
    Trihydro is pleased to announce April 2018 was the company’s first annual Drilling Safety Month.
    Texas Water Summit
    Join Trihydro at Texas Water 2018, the largest regional water conference in the U.S., this April 23-26 at the San Antonio Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.
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  • BLM_News
    Back and Forth, Back and Forth – Federal Court in Wyoming Halts BLM Methane Rule
    District Court of Wyoming Judge granted industry requests to halt implementation of key provisions...
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    2018 Battelle Conference
    Our experts will be presenting in Palm Springs, CA at the Battelle Conference...
    Energy Drinks and Caffeine
    How much caffeine is too much?
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    Trihydro Honored for Support of the Guard and Reserve
    Trihydro Senior Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Project Manager Mike Ogden received Department of Defense recognition for providing extraordinary support to those serving the military.
    The Environmental Partnership – Private Companies and the New Methane Initiative
    The American Petroleum Institute (API) announced the establishment of The Environmental Partnership...
    Trihydro Corporation Acquires Wyoming Engineering Firm
    Steamboat Technical Services Acquisition Brings Shared Values and Solid Expertise to Trihydro
    Public Information Request for NSPS OOOOa Data: Will Yours be Included?
    Several states and municipalities initiated a public information request regarding methane emissions reports...
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  • Delve_BLM_Overturned_News
    BLM Venting and Flaring Rule – One-year Delay Overturned
    U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California overturned the BLM’s delay of compliance for the 2016 Venting and Flaring Rule
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  • Delve_Closure_news
    State of Colorado Takes Novel Approach to Conditional Site Closure
    The CDPHE has come up with an alternative way to help responsible parties “close” certain brownfields sites...
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    Trihydro 2018 Health and Safety Forum
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    Trihydro-New Braunfels Connections Service Night
    Trihydro employees recently experienced a night of community service at Connections Individual and Family Services
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  • UW_Institution_Logo
    University of Wyoming "Trihydro’s dedication to the communities in which they have offices is second to none. We look forward to our continued relationship with Trihydro and the opportunity to present students with quality job opportunities from a top notch company."

    Conrad Chavez, Manager, Multicultural Affairs

    When choosing an environmental and engineering partner, you expect proven expertise, consistent quality and a high overall value. Nothing less will do. You can count on these qualities from Trihydro. We welcome you to contact us or visit one of our locations.

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