With the scrutiny of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increasing at the state and federal level, the idea of letting someone else keep track of the rapidly evolving regulatory demands might sound appealing. That’s where Trihydro comes in.  Our team has worked with a diverse set of clients (midstream, upstream, and downstream) to develop GHG programs that are both compliant and tailored to facility-specific operations. From applicability determinations to GHG calculations, we will work as an extension of your staff to keep you in compliance with this growing regulatory challenge.  

Trihydro also has certified thermographers on staff that have developed a finely tuned eye for finding leaks (volatile organic compounds and GHGs) at production, compressor station, and natural gas processing plants. We have completed these surveys at over 100 facilities for compliance with air permitting conditions, compliance with Subpart W of EPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR), health and safety inspections, and internal best practices.

  • Inventory and report preparation
  • MRR support
  • Applicability determinations 
  • Data gap analysis
  • Preparation of monitoring plans
  • Program audits
  • Optical gas imaging surveys
  • Compressor vent monitoring events

We just don't talk the talk.  In addition to helping our clients implement projects to reduce or eliminate GHG emissions from their operations, in 2008 Trihydro became a founding member of the Climate Registry to demonstrate our stewardship on issues related to climate change.

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