An old dilapidated mill along a mountain stream, a Superfund site in a redeveloping part of town, an abandoned mine sitting at the outskirts of a city; we all see these and similar properties as we drive the country’s interstates and backroads. Reclamation of such sites runs the gamut from the regulatory driven, returning a mine to pre-mining conditions; to the economically driven, repurposing a closed industrial facility to residential or recreational use. We have held lead or supporting roles in successful projects all along the continuum. As with so much that we do, success in reclamation starts with understanding your ultimate goals and tailoring all aspects of the project to achieve them.

  • Site characterization 
  • Landform grading
  • Stream restoration/stabilization
  • Revegetation
  • Remediation and reuse
  • Closure and post closure planning, design, and monitoring
  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Regulatory support

Over the past 5 years, Trihydro has reclaimed or performed reclamation maintenance on nearly 20,000 acres of mining-disturbed lands.

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Mining and Mineral Services Team Leader

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