The very words “solid waste” conjure up images ranging from a bulldozer compacting debris in a landfill, to pallets of hazardous drums staged and awaiting transport for incineration. The unwritten dialogue within those images is that solid waste management represents possibly one of the largest potential liabilities for nearly all businesses. Whether your company produces waste, transports waste, brokers waste, or provides final disposition/recycling services, the regulatory landscape associated with solid waste management can present some very daunting needs. We offer the ability to distill those needs into their simplest components and provide just the right amount of service to take care of each one.

If your company is developing a greenfield into a new disposal facility, or just needs a little help optimizing waste tracking paperwork, our experts can assist. Not only do we have the technical horsepower, we also have staff that come from a variety of backgrounds, including former regulators, site operators, and area technical specialists. Let us help you with the heavy lifting.

  • Facility siting
  • Permitting
  • Multi-media monitoring
  • Design of engineered containment systems
  • Integrated solid waste management 
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Construction management, oversight, and quality assurance
  • Remediation of legacy solid waste sites
"Trihydro has proven themselves to be a true partner to our operation; invested in our long-term success, our staff, and the community.  There are very few others as knowledgeable in regulatory and technical solid waste issues."
- Andrew Frey, Superintendent of Operations, Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District
Travis Evans, PE



Engineering Specialist

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