Our staff has the wind technology and environmental services experience you need to perform wind-farm equipment inspections for wind power-generation companies. Specific services we provide include periodic inspections of:

  • Safety, efficiency, and control systems
  • Nacelles (power-generating component housing), turbine blades, electrical systems, and hydraulic systems
  • Main shaft, bearings, gearboxes, generators, and brake assemblies
  • Tower, substructure, foundation, and secondary steel
  • Substations
Based on the findings observed during each inspection, Trihydro will prepare a report summarizing the results of each inspection. Each report includes:

  • A description of the inspection scope
  • The methods used to perform the inspection
  • Inspection results
  • An interpretation of the results
  • A summary of any conclusions regarding the condition of the wind-farm equipment inspected
  • A summary of any recommendations for additional inspections, repairs, or other follow-up work

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