Viewing and understanding the world around us has never been more exciting than seeing it using geographic information system (GIS) technology. Trihydro’s GIS team uses industry leading technology to provide you with a complete range of GIS services. Our geospatial experts and software developers collaborate to produce custom web mapping applications, mobile GIS data collection, predictive analysis models and automated data management workflows. 

Until you’ve seen high quality, accurate representations of your site conditions, such as subsurface models and 3-D rendering, you may not be making fully-informed decisions about your site. We can help eliminate the guesswork.

  • Predictive modeling
  • Spatial and 3-D analysis
  • Geodatabase design
  • Web mapping apps
"We have been working with Trihydro on a GIS asset management project for the last 10 years and have been extremely happy with the quality of work and the attention to our project Trihydro has given us. They have been true partners in making sure that our data is accurately displayed and current with available technology.  It has been wonderful to work with the same team over the same time period so the project has continued to move forward without stops to bring people up to speed."
- Kathy Ahlenius, Field Operations, Wyoming Department of Transportation
Chad Flynn



IT Project Manager

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