We design software around the needs of our clients, building in powerful tools that result in responsive, higher quality services and work products for our clients.  Our mobile data collection apps keep you connected when working remotely. Our cloud-based visualization and analysis tools keep you productive and efficient in order to optimize your workflow.
For projects with specific requirements, our software development team designs customized applications to fit your specific needs.  We work with you to understand your process and data needs to create simple, streamlined systems for your operations.  

  • Mobile data collection applications
  • Website development
  • Visualization, analysis and reporting tool customization
  • Workflow optimization
"Using the Project Direct© Total Annual Benzene (TAB) Tool to assist with Benzene Waste Operation NESHAP reporting streamlines the entire process.  The TAB Tool makes it simple and user friendly to manage thousands of points of generation and the associated laboratory data. When the reporting period comes along in the spring, I save dozens of hours and client budgets because the TAB Tool does most of the heavy lifting."
- Coleman Henry, Chemical/Environmental Engineer, Trihydro Employee



Team Leader, IT Development Services

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