On March 8, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Subparts OOOOb and OOOOc, targeting the reduction of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from newly constructed, modified, and reconstructed sources, and for the first-time setting emission guidelines for existing sources. Now that the rule is published, the EPA's Final Rule initiates a 60-day compliance period, with the regulation coming into effect on May 7, 2024. 

Navigating the complexities of the evolving regulations can be complicated and resource-intensive, requiring a strategic approach that balances business objectives with regulatory requirements. Trihydro's comprehensive programs are designed to help you manage this challenge efficiently and effectively. From program implementation and monitoring to data management and reporting, our air compliance experts are ready to guide you through every step.

Program Development, Implementation, Tagging, and Inventory

Trihydro professionals have decades of experience assisting clients in implementing methane reduction programs at both federal and state levels. We handle everything from reviewing applicability, creating monitoring plans, providing field support and data collection, to managing monitoring and data. Essentially, we act as an extension of your team to ensure you remain compliant with the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Routine Program Monitoring and Management

By leveraging our deep understanding of the regulations and our years of experience managing air compliance programs, we can provide your staff with the resources they need to confidently maintain compliance with even the most complex regulations.

Optical Gas Imaging Surveys / Appendix K

The new Appendix K establishes rigorous standards for optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras, equipment, training, and performance audits in the oil and gas industry. With decades of experience in OGI and a deep understanding of complex oil and gas facilities, our thermographers are rigorously trained in compliance with Appendix K, guaranteeing the highest levels of expertise and process knowledge. They can swiftly scan numerous components, visually pinpointing even the most elusive leak sources from a safe distance. Trihydro's commitment to quality extends beyond training. We invest in top-of-the-line OGI cameras and equipment that meet or exceed Appendix K requirements.

3rd Party Compliance Auditing

Compliance assurance is a critical component of a robust regulatory management program. Trihydro offers auditing services to help businesses ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our air professionals have decades of experience in conducting audits across the oil and gas industry.

Data Management and Reporting

Utilizing LeakTracker Pro®, we seamlessly set up new programs or integrate existing data. This end-to-end compliance and data management tool helps reduce the amount of time that our clients spend managing the data and preparing reports for their LDAR program.

Our LDAR Monitoring and Reporting Software

Leveraging decades of regulatory experience, Trihydro developed LeakTracker Pro® to simplify the process of leak monitoring and repairs by providing customized workflows, notifications, and detailed reporting. To address the recently finalized NSPS Subpart Kc rule, LeakTracker Pro® has been updated to seamlessly integrate with the new OOOOb, OOOOc, and Appendix K data collection and reporting requirements. 


The onboarding and implementation process was seamless. After a brief online tutorial session with LeakTracker Pro personnel, we were in the field using the iPhone app to upload our OOOOa LDAR survey results. The desktop application is very simple and intuitive for tracking leak repairs and report building.

Will Ward, Environmental Manager, Brammer Engineering, Inc.


Platform Features

  • equipment verification   Comprehensive Data Management
  • equipment verification Custom Searches
  • alerts Interactive Maps
  • ogi Streamlined Reporting
  • data-man Customizable Dashboards

LeakTracker Pro helps facilities stay ahead of evolving regulations and maintain compliance with ease by streamlining tasks and providing real-time data.

  • Automate survey and leak data collection to support compliance tracking, verification, and electronic regulatory reporting.
  • Track facilities in a company-defined area or asset management group, depending on organizational structure.
  • Utilize a mobile app for offline data collection and automated workflows to help eliminate recordkeeping gaps and errors.
  • Prioritize, document, and schedule leak repairs and manage delay of repair components to ensure timely fixes and confirmations within regulatory timeframes.
  • Stay organized and audit-ready with LeakTracker Pro’s cloud storage and one-click reporting templates.


Methane OOOOb

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