The public relies on effective water distribution systems for its water supply, and water supply operators are constantly challenged to provide reliable, safe water. Trihydro’s professionals design the necessary components that make up functioning distribution systems, including pump and lift stations, ground and elevated storage tanks, wells, and waterlines. We have completed over 20 water pipeline projects totaling more than 200,000 linear feet in the last five years.

We specialize in analyzing, modeling, planning, and designing transmission and distribution systems that fulfill the needs of customers in rural areas, small municipalities, and large cities. Our team employs state-of-the-art technologies to evaluate and select the most cost-effective water supply and distribution solutions. 

  • Transmission and distribution system design
  • Hydraulic analysis and modeling
  • Pump stations and pipelines
  • Storage facilities
  • Rate studies

Trihydro's water professionals have completed over 20 water pipeline projects totaling 200,000 linear feet in the last five years.

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Senior Engineer

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