PFAS and AFFF: Managing Risks amid Uncertainty
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Presentation Date: August 31, 2021

Event: Montana Petroleum Association Annual Meeting, Billings, Montana

Per- and polyfluorinated compounds are widely used in commerce, but the properties that make PFAS useful have created unprecedented challenges when it comes to PFAS destruction/disposal and risk management. When compared to conventional environmental compounds of concern, PFAS are characterized by a unique combination of (1) complex chemistry, (2) extreme stability, (3) unique chemical transport properties. These challenges are exacerbated by state-level trends toward regulatory standards in the low part-per-trillion (ppt) range. At this stage, risk management decisions related to PFAS containing materials must be made within a stream of constantly changing information, in terms of both scientific understanding and regulatory framework.   

Originally presented at Montana Petroleum Association’s 2021 Annual Meeting, this presentation includes a PFAS overview, a survey of current regulatory trends, a discussion of currently available treatment/disposal options for PFAS, and insights into where things may be headed. We also touch on the risk management options and what companies can do to get ahead of the regulations. 

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