Fenceline Pro™ News: Technology Laboratory, Inc.
Fenceline Pro™ Update:

Technology Laboratory, Inc. is the latest laboratory to be configured for use with Fenceline Pro™. This includes automated download and email of their chain of custody (COC) forms as well as the ability to upload lab results using their electronic data deliverable (EDD) format.

With Technology Laboratory, Inc. now on-board, the number of labs we have incorporated into Fenceline Pro™ total five.  This furthers our goal of remaining lab-neutral in order to provide the best service to our refinery customers.

About Fenceline Pro™

Trihydro's Fenceline Pro™ is a proactive, transparent, and secure software solution designed to help active refineries manage, analyze, and report fenceline monitoring data.  Fenceline Pro™ connects the refinery’s field monitoring operations, meteorological station and laboratory data to securely collect, validate, and aggregate data.  The tool performs calculations, alerts stakeholders, incorporates refinery activity logs, and provides both visual analysis and EPA formatted data reporting. Fenceline Pro™ is a fully integrated system with a straight-forward user interface that provides refinery personnel the ability to accurately and efficiently collect and monitor benzene data at the fenceline.  Click here to learn more.

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