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Upcoming: New California PFAS Regulations Webinar - May 18
As per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) attention grows and new regulatory deadlines approach, many are wondering “what does it all mean for my facility?”
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Upcoming: Florida PFAS Regulation Webinar - May 20
Over the last few months, we have continued to see significant changes in the environmental industry related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)...
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Texas flood event
Revisiting 2018 Highland Lake Flooding: Why Travis County WCID 17 Survived Unscathed
Watch this presentation to learn about how Travis County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) 17 successfully weathered catastrophic 2018 flood events.
Pat Lackey, P.E.
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3 Key Initiatives EHS Professionals Should Know About
Watch the webinar recording below of our webinar, 3 Key Initiatives that EHS Professionals Should Know About. For your convenience, you can watch a recording of the webinar at any time.
Andrew Pawlisz
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Preparing for 2020 CDR Reporting
Watch these information videos for key tips to prepare for the 2020 TSCA CDR reporting cycle.
Andrew Pawlisz, DABT
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State of Knowledge and Advances in 1,4 Dioxane Groundwater Remediation
Watch the webinar recording below to learn the latest in 1,4-dioxane research and discuss advances in remediation technologies with our guest speakers.
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Connected Vehicle Technology Without the Costs
Watch the webinar recording below to learn how your DOT may be able to use existing infrastructure to take advantage of connected vehicle messaging.
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LeakTracker Pro Webinar & Software Demo
Watch this video for an overview of LeakTracker Pro, a software solution that provides efficient workflow, record-keeping, and reporting for OGI surveys and leak data.
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PFAS Webinar Series
Register now for Trihydro's 3-part PFAS webinar series to understand how the latest PFAS research may impact your operations.
Mitch Olson, PhD, PE
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