It’s That Time Again: Triennial Minor Source Emissions Reporting
Every three years, states must collect and submit their minor source emissions data in accordance with federal rule 40 CFR Part 51. The EPA then uses this data to build the National Emissions Inventory

The next triennial emissions reporting deadline falls in 2018, which means minor source facilities need to report emissions data for calendar year 2017 to their states. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s (WDEQ) Air Quality Division (AQD) requires minor sources to submit actual emission data by April 30, 2018.

The WDEQ AQD has two processes for submitting emission inventories: 
Oil and gas production facilities associated with American Petroleum Institute (API) well numbers need to submit similar forms to those used for the 2014 emissions or the Southern Powder River Basin Inventory.  

All other sources have the option of using the Division’s IMPACT electronic database or, as in past years, uploading spreadsheets. WDEQ prefers that companies use the IMPACT system, which also involves reviewing and correcting past information WDEQ AQD has on file for the facility. 

This year, emissions from drilling, including drill rig configuration and their engine control configurations, must be provided along with the production and emission information requested in previous years.  The forms and other information for reporting actual emissions for minor sources can be accessed on WDEQ’s website.

Have questions or want more information?
Trihydro’s team of experts can help navigate this soon-approaching reporting deadline. If you have questions about what WDEQ wants to see in your reports, let us know. We have experience in Wyoming’s IMPACT system and preparing Wyoming emission inventories.  We also have experience preparing oil and gas production inventories, including managing the data and calculations for inventories with over 300 well sites.

This photo of a WDEQ emission inventory demonstration shows the complexity of dealing with the IMPACT database.  Our team has experience with the process and is ready to assist you by preparing your inventories, walking you through the IMPACT process, and/or updating the database for you. 

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