Trihydro Drilling Safety Month 2018

Trihydro is pleased to announce April 2018 was the company’s first annual Drilling Safety Month. Due to the importance of drilling on various projects, Trihydro organized company-wide events throughout the month to help educate staff on drilling safety.

The activities for this year’s Drilling Safety Awareness Month were a Drilling Safety Roundtable, Drilling Safety Awareness Discussion, Onsite Drill Rig Demo, Drilling Discussion Board, and a Health and Safety Newsletter with a focus on drilling safety. These events covered common challenges encountered in the field during drilling and best management practices for keeping workers safe.

Some of the highlights from the month included a presentation on Trihydro’s pre-field drilling procedures and policies by Matt Jones, Lead Project Geologist and Hydrogeologist, and the Drilling Engineers, Inc.’s drilling rig demonstration, which consisted of a drilling rig onsite at Trihydro’s Laramie headquarters to showcase proper "in-field" health and safety protocols.  Other topics covered included drilling equipment and techniques, drill rig inspection procedures, and proper communication procedures for field team members. 

To see photos from our drilling demo click here
For more information on drilling safety, click here.

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