WDEQ Cease and Transfer Update

Since the establishment of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Municipal Landfill Cease and Transfer Program in 2012, the State of Wyoming has provided funding for local landfills to transfer their solid waste to more cost-effective regional landfills. To date, the program has provided grants and loans for a total of 24 projects, including 11 transfer station constructions and 13 closures. However, the funds for the program have been depleted and many small landfills throughout the state still need assistance to transfer waste and close operations.

A Little Background
The Cease and Transfer Program was initially created when an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWM) report determined that landfill operating costs were beginning to exceed the financial capabilities of many local governments in Wyoming. The State turned to shared landfills to help control the rising costs, which were largely associated with groundwater monitoring programs put in place to evaluate and address groundwater contamination caused by unlined landfills.

Starting in December 2013, and every year since, WDEQ has provided a report to the Legislature containing a list of local landfills which have requested placement into the Cease and Transfer Program. The list contains cost estimates for each project and must be approved by the Legislature annually. Click here to view the latest list.

Program Outlook
The Program needs an estimated $44.5 million to complete projects awaiting funding, but there is no certainty of where these funds will come from.  With no future funds currently appropriated to the Cease and Transfer Program, municipalities, counties, and solid waste districts throughout Wyoming may need to delay projects, which in some instances will result in continued impacts to groundwater quality and could additionally result in higher project costs due to inflation.  Contact us with questions or to learn more about closure alternatives and next steps.

Travis Evans, P.E.
Solid Waste Engineering Specialist
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Travis Evans, PE
Travis Evans, PE
Senior Solid Waste Engineer, Sheridan, WY

Travis is a professional engineer with more than 20 years of civil and environmental engineering experience. He leads permitting, design, construction, and construction quality assurance (CQA) services related to permitting greenfield landfills, transfer stations, landfill closures, and the expansion of existing landfills.

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