Health & Safety Tip: 2019 Holiday Safety

With the holidays right around the corner, it is important to remember to stay vigilant for health and safety risks at work and at home. Below are a few basic precautions you can take to make sure you, your family, and your colleagues remain safe throughout the season.  

Travel safely 

According to the National Safety Council, traveling by automobile during the holidays has the highest fatality rate among any other forms of transportation. The best way to stay safe on the road this holiday season is to:  

  • Designate a sober driver so that everyone makes it home safely after holiday celebrations 

  • Ensure everyone in the vehicle wears their seat-belt  

  • Avoid distractions by keeping your phone away while driving 

  • Ensure you have a supply kit in your trunk for emergency situations  

  • Check road conditions and be ready to hit traffic or poor weather 

Decorate with care 

While decorating your home this holiday season, make sure to take notice in your surroundings to avoid injury. Here are other ways to decorate safely: 

  • Avoid standing on furniture, use ladders when putting up your lights and other decorations 

  • Check your lights to make sure there are no bare or worn wires, broken sockets, or overloaded electrical circuits 

  • Avoid slips, trips, and falls by clearing your paths so one trips over unexpected decorations 

Be wary of fire-starters 

According to the National Fire Protection Association more than half of home decoration fires in December are started by candles. With an increased use of lights and candles over the holiday season, make sure to: 

  • Keep candles, matches, and lighters up high and away from kids and animals’ reach 

  • Don’t leave stoves and ovens unattended for long periods of time 

  • Clean out fireplaces and chimneys once per year 

  • Avoid overloading extension cords and power sockets to help prevent short circuiting 

These basic precautions will allow you to be better prepared for the risks that come with holiday festivities. Keep these safety tips in mind as you celebrate with your loved ones this holiday season!

Trihydro’s health and safety culture

Trihydro is rooted in a strong safety culture that emphasizes personal responsibility and hazard avoidance or mitigation. The statement “Our Safety is My Responsibility” is a foundation of Trihydro’s employee culture. We believe that with proper and consistent training, accidents can be prevented, and we are dedicated to achieving “Zero Incidents” in every aspect of what we do, every day. We wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Darby Clark

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