The tools available to query and visualize data for meaningful decision-making and collaboration have improved dramatically over the past few years. Trihydro developed a number of ways to transform data into actionable information. This discussion focuses on data types, the analysis of the data for compliance and capital planning, as well as the reporting of data to governing bodies and ultimately the public. Trihydro provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that are helping industry reduce cost and effort in collecting, analyzing and reporting data.

This discussion on data management best practices includes:

• An introduction to Trihydro’s FieldVision™ (customizable software platform for mobile field data collection and reporting)
• An introduction to Trihydro’s LeakTracker Pro™ (tracking of NSPS Subpart OOOOa and AVO data)
• An introduction to Trihydro’s Fenceline Pro™ (tracking of benzene concentrations for the Refinery Sector Rule [RSR])
• An introduction to Trihydro’s Project Direct© (environmental information management system)

• Open discussion of current data management needs.

If you are interested in learning ways to improve collection, analysis and reporting of compliance data, this session will provide you with strategies and technologies for streamlining your data management processes.

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