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Trihydro Presents on Connected Vehicle Technology to the Wyoming State Legislature

Trihydro staff member, Shane Zumpf, recently presented to the Wyoming State Legislature (Legislature), explaining the latest capabilities and innovations in connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology. Zumpf was invited to attend final meeting of the 65th Legislature’s Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Digital Innovation Technology held on December 16, 2020. The meeting hosted discussions on CAV and decentralized technologies.

Shane Zumpf, Team Leader for the IT Development Services at Trihydro, presented jointly with Vince Garcia, the GIS/IT Program Manager at Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). Speaking to 11 Legislature members via Zoom, Zumpf and Garcia described WDOT’s Connected Vehicle Pilot (CVP) project. Garcia provided background on the CVP. As the technical lead over the CVP, Zumpf described the safety and mobility benefits of CAV technology, explaining how reliable and safe transportation systems, in turn, lead to social and economic benefits. In his presentation, Zumpf also highlighted the fact that innovative technologies often face an uphill battle as various stakeholders work to understand novel applications and potential implications.

“I’m really proud of this team,” said Director Luke Reiner of WYDOT, at the closing of Zumpf’s joint presentation. “They’ve done exceptionally well and really stayed focused on safety…We’ve got to stay focused on this connected vehicle…this [CVP] is critical to the safety of our roads…We think it’s key to safety not only in Wyoming but across this nation…I just want to publicly thank Mr. Zumpf and Mr. Garcia for their efforts.” 

Zumpf’s presentation was followed by public comment on CAV. Key topics of discussion included safety, promoting consistency in how CAV technology is implemented, and data privacy and ownership consistencies

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