Trihydro Receives Best Overall Safety Culture Award

Trihydro received the 2019 “Best Overall Safety Culture Award” issued by the EHS Daily Advisor. The EHS Daily Advisor Safety Standout Awards recognize companies and safety professionals who excel in making their workplaces safe.  According to the EHS Daily Advisor, the winner of the Best Overall Safety Culture Award demonstrates an excellent culture of safety, as evidenced by strong employee engagement, organizational leadership and management buy-in, effective program evaluation and improvement strategies, and a comprehensive process for hazard identification and assessment. The award selection team recognized Trihydro for its companywide commitment to safety and belief that personal ethics build a strong safety culture.   

George Mathes (Senior Vice President) and Brian Pelan (Operational and Service Excellence Programs Director) attended the EHS Daily Advisor’s Safety Culture event in Denver, CO on September 18-20, 2019, where they accepted the award on behalf of the Company.     

“Accepting this award on behalf of the entire organization was an honor.  On a daily basis, our employees embody what it means to live and work safely.  An outstanding safety culture isn’t read in a manual, it’s a living thing fed by our belief and commitment to ensuring safety is everyone’s responsibility,” said Brian Pelan. 

Award winners were selected from a pool of national applicants.  The selection team recognized Trihydro for the robustness of the Company’s established safety programs, including its ability to implement stop work authority across the organization as well as its practice of positively reinforcing desired safety behaviors. They also applauded the Company’s comprehensive use of metrics; strong ownership of safety among frontline supervisors and employees; and the integration of safety into the entire organization’s goals, values, and mission as hallmarks of a “truly exceptional” safety culture.   

About the EHS Daily Advisor  
The EHS Daily Advisor is a go-to resource for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals, offering EHS articles, webinars, and reports.  

About Trihydro 
Trihydro is an engineering and environmental consulting company based in Laramie, Wyoming, employing nearly 500 workers in 22 offices. Trihydro provides air quality and process management; engineering and surveying; environmental compliance and remediation; information technology; and water/wastewater consulting services nationwide. 

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