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Trihydro Presenting at 2021 RuralWaterCon and Texas Water 2021

Trihydro is proud to present at Texas Rural Water Association’s (TRWA’s) 2021 RuralWaterCon Annual Convention and Texas Water 2021  

– The RuralWaterCon invites expert speakers to explore core concerns and challenges facing water system operators. Trihydro’s Pat Lackey, PE, Senior Engineer, and Jason Vreeland, PE, Civil Engineer will join Pat Allen, General Manager, Green Valley Special Utility District, to discuss options for utility systems to raise revenue and manage expenses while meeting the challenging needs of system growth and operations.

Pat Lackey will also join Adam Telfer, Operations Manager, Canyon Regional Water Authority, to share a case study on Canyon Regional Water Authority’s membrane filtration replacement process.

The conference will be held March 25-26, 2021 in Austin, Texas. Additional information can be found on TWRA’s webpage.

– Texas Water is the largest regional water conference in the U.S. Pat Lackey will join Jason Homan, General Manager, Travis County Water Control and Improvement District 17, to explain how Travis County Water Control and Improvement District 17 was able to deliver potable surface water from its treatment plants during the Fall 2018 flooding events, while others throughout the region experienced shutdowns and had to issue “Boiling Water” notices. 

Texas Water 2021 will occur virtually from March 29-April 1, 2021. Details can be found on Texas Water’s webpage.

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