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Trihydro's Mentorship Program Featured in Forbes

Trihydro Corporation was recently featured in a Forbes article published April 21, 2021 titled “How Midsized Companies Can Launch Powerful Mentoring Programs.”

As an environmental and engineering firm that relies on the depth and breadth of its team members’ technical knowledge to serve clients well, Trihydro understands the importance of internal mentorship and succession planning. In the article, Forbes spotlights Trihydro’s Mentoring Program, which was launched in 2015 to offer employees meaningful growth opportunities and provide leaders an opportunity to share insights garnered throughout their careers. In addition to allowing senior staff to transfer knowledge to junior staff, Trihydro’s mentoring program also leverages cross-functional mentor and mentee pairings, allowing peers to learn more about other parts of the Company. 

“Mentoring can provide a broader understanding of the organization, and extended connections across a sprawling company. It contributes to better, more well-rounded employees and improved decision-making,” the author noted in the article, adding that “It can drive innovation, break down silos, and enhance alignment with the company vision.”

The full Forbes article is available here.

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