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OOOOb & OOOOc: Technical Insights + LeakTracker Pro® Solutions

Thursday, October 5, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MT

Oil and gas operators are exploring how updates to the EPA’s methane regulations will affect operations, including understanding how OOOOb and OOOOc will impact their fugitive emission programs.

OOOOb intends to open the regulation up to alternative methods, but may still require OGI and/or AVO surveys. In addition to the new recordkeeping requirements in Appendix K, each alternative leak detection method represents a new data source. OOOOc adds further complexity to recordkeeping requirements as state-specific regulations may require additional frequencies and inspection types.

In this webinar, we will explore data management strategies to consider when evaluating alternative fugitive emission detection methods, how to add existing facilities to your current survey load, and ways to maintain multiple data sources and differing regulatory applicability at the facility level within the same system.  

5 learning outcomes

  1. How to track regulatory applicability for all your facilities, even when they are subject to more than one set of regulations
  2. How to track modifications that may trigger changes to a facility’s regulatory applicability
  3. How to track emissions data for alternative survey methods
  4. What to consider when adding existing facilities to your workflow
  5. Which integration capabilities tie fugitive emission data together

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Kari Ward, Sales Director - Products, Trihydro Corporation

Kari has 22 years of experience in environmental compliance projects and software development. With her background, she understands the importance of purposeful data and involving industry experts in the evolution of software tools. Kari’s passion lies in helping industry leaders make better, cost-effective decisions by introducing tools that create visibility and opportunity for optimization. She works closely with clients to understand data management goals, identify solutions, and incorporate feedback into product enhancements.




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