WDEQ Migrates Title V Operating Permits to Open Air Website

Wyoming is changing the way Title V operating permits and documents are accessed. On January 30, 2019, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Air Quality Division announced that all draft and final Title V operating permits, applications, and other permit information can now be retrieved through its Open Air website.

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Open Air is a free self-service website that allows the public to view information about air quality without submitting a public records request. The site is user-friendly and has a wealth of information. The repository of information includes:

  • Submitted New Source Review and Title V permit applications
  • Final New Source Review and Title V permit documents
  • Reviewed compliance reports
  • Approved emissions inventories
  • Reviewed stack tests
  • Ambient monitoring information
  • Facility equipment
  • Ownership information

Draft permits have already been completely migrated to the public Open Air website, and starting on March 1, 2019, final permits will only be accessible through this site.

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Jay Christopher
Senior Scientist Specialist, Englewood, Colorado

Jay has over 40 years of environmental experience. Since 1990, he has specialized in air quality issues and permitting programs affecting a broad range of facility operations, with hands-on experience in both corporate headquarters and facility regulatory settings, as well as in the environmental consulting world. Jay has managed the environmental compliance program and environmental professional staff for a major refinery’s downstream businesses and is involved in regional air quality issues and national trade groups.

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