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Diesel-Fired Power Plant Remediation

Multiple Power Stations
Belize City, Belize

Services Provided


Trihydro was contracted by Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) to implement a World Bank-funded cleanup of petroleum hydrocarbons at five of their diesel-fired power stations.  The project required soil remediation at four mainland power stations and soil-groundwater remediation at a fifth power station located on a nearby island. The scope of work included soil quality investigations, a groundwater quality assessment and monitoring program, and the remedial treatment of soils.  

Trihydro’s project team designed and constructed a 750 cubic meter geomembrane-lined bioremediation cell to treat impacted soils. Over 1,300 cubic meters of impacted soils were excavated from the five project sites, transported, and treated. The team also conducted remediation of impacted shoreline soils/sediments located in an estuary lagoon immediately adjacent to one of the power stations.

Trihydro provided bilingual project-specific health and safety training for local contractors, workers, and project managers. Local contractors performed the majority of the field work for this project, which had a positive impact on both the client’s community relations and the local economy.

Based upon the successful performance of the initial project, Trihydro was subsequently contracted implement a company-wide spill prevention project to provide on-the-ground infrastructure to prevent re-contamination of areas at the diesel-fired power plants. As part of this project, Trihydro designed and provided construction oversight for secondary containment areas, loading/off-loading areas, and oil/water separators to control stormwater and prevent releases of hydrocarbons.
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"The quality of Trihydro's work matches the exemplary nature of the individuals performing them."
- Guillermo J. Silva-Wiscovich, Partner, Morell Bauza Cartagena & Dapena LLC

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