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Due Diligence for Petroleum Assets

Illinois Basin

Services Provided


Oil production in the Illinois Basin began in the early 1900s, with other oil booms occurring in the 1960s and 1980s.  For this project, Trihydro supported a confidential client in the acquisition of over 1,500 leases of petroleum assets located across a three-state area within the Basin. The project included evaluating the leases, which were predominantly located in rural agricultural areas with scattered residential development, and classifying risk levels for each.

Trihydro reviewed available files and background materials, and conducted field evaluations to verify current site conditions at the time. Given the number of sites and the age of many of the petroleum storage facilities, there were numerous operational and environmental issues identified with many of the leases.

The findings were used to develop a relative risk ranking of the sites to determine which sites presented considerable environmental risks and might require more invasive evaluation to document environmental defects. Based upon the hazard ranking and assumed/identified environmental defects associated with each of the assets, remedial cost estimates were prepared on a lease-by-lease basis. Trihydro’s role in categorization, characterization, and estimation of the environmental liabilities facilitated completion of the transaction between the buyer/seller, including obtaining environmental insurance for the accrued liabilities.
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