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In November 2020, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) had successfully deployed the first production implementation of connected vehicle (CV) Traveler Information Message (TIM) messaging technology through its CV Pilot Project. After the successful deployment, WYDOT began looking for more opportunities to leverage the latest intelligent transportation system (ITS) technology in pursuit of ongoing innovation and progress toward Vision Zero on Wyoming roadways.

As part of the CV Pilot Project, WYDOT’s data is housed in the Trihydro Situation Data Exchange (SDX), a centralized data retention and distribution source for connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) information. The SDX allows authorized third parties, like Amazon Alexa and Sirius XM, to use the data. As a way to further expand the usability and outreach for public access to this information, Trihydro built an Alexa-enabled Traveler Information Skill, which can be invoked to provide drivers with information regarding road conditions, closures, and work zones for the first 200 miles of their route.

The Alexa Traveler Information Skill receives real-time data from WYDOT through the SDX and provides drivers with a one-stop-shop for critical, authenticated traveler information. Trihydro built the first version of the Traveler Information Skill in three weeks and deployed the final product in collaboration with WYDOT one month later. The SDX supports messages covering roadways for all 50 states in a single, convenient service. Once Alexa receives spoken inputs, a handler accepts the information and queries SDX to find all TIMs that have a service region intersecting the path. The TIMs are then decoded, parsed, and translated into corresponding road conditions between the two locations. Alexa then delivers the response to the user, allowing drivers to better prepare for their roadway travels.


  • WYDOT gained a cost-effective, low-maintenance tool that supports roadway
    safety and route efficiencies.
  • WYDOT can provide drivers with traveler information without the overhead
    cost of roadside units (RSUs).
  • WYDOT expanded its CAV technology footprint and primed the state for
    future technological advancements.

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“Trihydro’s value to the WYDOT CV Pilot project cannot be overstated. We were all dealing with a first-of-its-kind effort and the Trihydro team was a true partner –  from digging into requirements and helping to integrate technology in our Transportation Management Center to ensuring smooth rollout to stakeholders. We continue to enjoy our working relationship with Trihydro and would highly recommend them to other DOTs.” – Vince Garcia, GIS/ITS Program Manager, WYDOT