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Trihydro has assisted the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Division with development, maintenance, expansion, and management of their internal AML inventory since 2001. Our developers, GIS and database specialists, and reclamation professionals have advanced the AML’s inventory management program, which contains information on more than 3,500 AML sites, from hard copies and spreadsheets to a state-of-the-art, web-based program management application.  

In 2000 and 2001, the AML Division undertook an effort to modernize their internal inventory of abandoned mine sites throughout Wyoming. This effort culminated with the development of database and GIS information management applications. The AML Division contracted with Trihydro to help develop, maintain, and update the applications. Between 2001 and 2004, Trihydro assisted the AML Division with maintenance of these applications.  Maintenance activities during this period ranged from creating an AML/GIS Quick Reference Guide, to registering and loading historic mine maps, to updating background layers (e.g. aerial, topographic and geologic mapping). Maintenance also involved assisting AML with the cleanup or addition of data for specific sites.
In 2004, WDEQ moved forward with an initiative to build and improve upon their existing inventory.  As part of this effort, WDEQ requested that Trihydro conduct significant upgrades to the GIS and database applications. These upgrades were primarily associated with increasing usability of the applications and allowing for management of feature-specific, rather than simply site-specific, information. To meet WDEQ’s objectives, Trihydro restructured the existing AML Microsoft Access® database and converted the database to a SQL Server platform, and developed both a custom Access® front-end (for the AML Database Administrator) and a web portal to allow the AML inventory to be served to remote offices or consultants. Trihydro also restructured the GIS application to allow for detailed site and feature searching and querying, and for user-friendly map generation/plotting. The upgraded application also provided a number of AML specific tools.  

Trihydro completed additional application upgrades between 2012 and 2014. These upgrades included updating the application software and hosting environment, increasing user access to applications and inventory data, developing tools to allow users to upload and download data remotely, and increasing the program management capabilities. Users are able to query and view inventory data spatially through the GIS, including site features, mine maps, feature photos, and background mapping layers, and in report form. A query wizard allows users to build, view, save, and export custom data queries. Database administrators have the ability to manage user roles, host one-off projects, and edit inventory data. The applications are currently served through a secure web portal administered by the WDEQ, with ongoing application and user support provided by Trihydro.
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Trihydro continues to provide ongoing support to the AML Division, including user support and training, application maintenance, and implementing enhancements and upgrades to maintain pace with technology advancements.