Reactive Barrier System Installation & Maintenance

Travis Air Force Base
Fairfield, California

Services Provided


Regulatory Agencies Involved
Department of Toxic Substances Control
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

Trihydro was contracted to perform a pre-design site characterization and remedial process optimization for a chlorinated solvent groundwater plume at Travis Air Force Base. Following initial subsurface source removal, the groundwater plume was being remediated through a groundwater extraction system connected to a granular activated carbon treatment unit. Trihydro conducted a site characterization to provide additional subsurface data to perform an initial evaluation of potential remedial process optimization alternatives for remediation of the chemical-affected groundwater. Trihydro developed a work plan, including a detailed field sampling plan, which was approved by the three regulatory agencies overseeing the environmental work conducted at Travis Air Force Base.

The scope of work for the site characterization included a topographic survey, soil lithologic characterization, groundwater well installations, soil and groundwater sampling, analytical and biological testing, bench-scale column testing for potential remedial approaches (including biological amendments and zero valent iron), aquifer testing, and groundwater flow modeling. Through implementation of the project Health and Safety Plan, integrated with Trihydro’s behavior-based safety system, the field work was completed without injury or incident. The site characterization report was approved by the three regulatory agencies.  

A critical aspect of the project was to provide information and guidance regarding long-term planning for the treatment of groundwater. Specifically, Trihydro developed a remedial process optimization evaluation that integrates the full suite of site characterization data. The process not only evaluated the operating parameters of the existing system but also provides the basis for identification of potential remedial alternatives to the groundwater extraction system.  
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The field work was completed without injury or incident and the site characterization report was approved by the three regulatory agencies involved with the project.