Like coloring in a picture, building new roadways, well pads, or utilities requires construction to stay “within the lines”; lines that define property that either belongs to you or doesn’t. 

Accurate positional data are essential to most land work, whether building a road or drilling a well. Many of the projects Trihydro executes require some level of land survey and our in-house resources allow us to seamlessly integrate the surveying with design and engineering aspects of those projects.  Our surveyors plan a project survey in conjunction with our engineers to determine what information is needed to provide an accurate design.  These data are collected and used to create mapping for design and presentation purposes.  Once construction starts, our surveyors are available to provide construction staking and layout to fit the project needs. 

  • Legal boundary surveys 
  • Topographic surveying
  • Planimetric surveying
  • Construction surveys
  • Construction staking and layout
  • Road and well surveys

Our surveying personnel offer experience and knowledge of the latest technologies, but more importantly bring a common sense approach to the situation at hand.




Team Leader, Surveying Services

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