Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Trihydro has always strived to provide cost effective and sustainable solutions that meet the high standards of our clients.

Through the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Trihydro is equipped to collect and process aerial data to supplement, enhance, or replace previous data collection and inspection processes. Collecting data from the air not only provides a unique visual perspective, it allows for quicker, safer, and more cost effective data acquisition. Trihydro holds a Federal Aviation Administration Section 333 Exemption and employs licensed pilots to safely and legally perform commercial aerial data acquisition for applications including: 

  • Volumetric Surveying video
  • Aerial Inspection and Inventory video
  • Topographic Mapping video
  • Infrastructure Monitoring video
  • Stream Channel and Flood Plain Mapping Analysis video
  • Reservoir and Dam Mapping and Analysis video
  • Vegetation Monitoring video
  • Wildfire Hazard Analysis video
  • Wildlife/Fisheries and Livestock Surveys video
  • Cultural Resources/Archaeological Data Collection video
Click here to view a video demo.

UAVweb1 UAVweb2 UAVweb3 UAVweb4 UAVweb5 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Image UAVweb6 UAS Photo of Medicine Lodge UAVweb8 UAVweb9 UAVweb91 UAVweb92

Unmanned systems allow us to safely gather timely information, so our project managers and clients can make better management decisions.

Civil Engineer, Unmanned Systems & Remote Sensing Group

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