Successfully Migrated to a Cloud Hosting Platform!

Trihydro’s Technical Services and Solutions (TSS) team is proud to announce that our software products (Fenceline Pro, LeakTracker Pro, and Calibration Keeper) have successfully migrated to a cloud hosting platform.  Our customers can rest assured that mission-critical applications and data are hosted on the most secure and reliable cloud platform available (Microsoft Azure).  This investment significantly improves our products with the following benefits:

  1. Improved Data Security – Azure is compliant with numerous international and industry specific standards, and brings powerful data security and encryption features.
  2. Automated Software Updates – Cloud hosting eliminates the need to maintain server software (security/updates) and it is always updated automatically (and timely).
  3. Disaster Recovery – In the unlikely event of web service interruption, Azure tools allow our team to quickly restore service without data-loss.
  4. Flexible Capacity – As our products and customer base grow, it is easy to increase our hosting capacity.
  5. Reduced Cost and Environmental Impact – Hosting in a cloud data center allow us to eliminate our own internal data center reducing cost, energy usage, and overall environmental impact.
  6. Reduced Resource Cost – With less effort focused on product hosting, our team can focus more effort on our favorite part: delivering product improvements to our customers!

We are excited to bring cloud hosting to our products: Fenceline Pro, LeakTracker Pro, and Calibration Keeper.  We are confident that this transition will improve our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings in a way that makes a real difference for customers.

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