Trihydro was an early adopter of UAS technology, starting our UAS program in early 2015.  After logging over 1,200 flights and collecting more than 40,000 acres of data for environmental and remediation projects, we have gained significant experience applying UAS technology and data and understand some of the inherent challenges associated with UAS implementation. We will share from our experience through project data examples and case studies how UAS technology has been applied to enhance facility operations, planning, design, permitting, and construction on our projects.   

The presentation will include the following:

• Introduce various UAS platforms and sensor technologies
• Provide an FAA regulation overview and how they impact project selection and application
• Demonstrate how UAS technology is implemented for remediation specific projects
• Provide a basic understanding of UAS technology benefits and limitations
• Introduce UAS data integration options for GIS, CAD and modeling software
• Provide recommendations for successful UAS project implementation
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