While the agricultural industry has benefited tremendously from UAS technology, many of the same sensors and data analysis techniques are also applied to environmental remediation projects.  UAS deployed true-color, multispectral, hyperspectral, and thermal infrared sensors are allowing environmental professionals to collect vegetation data at scales and resolutions that were not readily attainable prior to UAS, because of cost and safety concerns. 

High resolution UAS collected data allows for vegetation classification, density, health, and color analysis.  Using these characteristics, a wide verity of environmental factors can be evaluated.   

These factors range from revegetation coverage to stressed vegetation impacted by subsurface contamination.  GIS and photo processing tools allow for rapid automated data analysis and presentation. 

The presentation will include the following:

• An introduction to sensors
• Discussion of potential applications
• An overview of vegetation analysis tools and techniques
• Example data products and case studies
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