Operations Manager
Laramie, Wyoming
Year Joined: 1992

I’m proud to be a part of the Trihydro team. This is a company where we understand, respect, and appreciate the contribution of all employees at various levels and locations across the company. 

I grew up in British Columbia and have dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S. When I was young, I wanted to be an engineer for outdoor equipment and ski gear. I was active in outdoor pursuits and wanted to test out and design better performing equipment.

When I was in college at the University of Wyoming, my Master’s program advisor knew I needed a job.  He happened to live across the street from Trihydro’s former office and recommended I go talk to the owners. Subsequently, I started working at Trihydro in June of 1992.  

Trihydro is a very unique company. Earlier in my career with the company, I worked on projects for several years doing field work and construction management, which fulfilled my desire to understand how engineering designs become reality. In fact, my biggest accomplishment in my career has been my involvement in the Casper Wind Farm, where I was able to see a large industrial site progress from demolition through to beneficial reuse. Trihydro was part of a project team that turned a legacy liability property into an alternative energy generator.  

My experiences working for Trihydro, doing everything from field work to engineering design and project management, has provided me with a solid foundation to perform my current role as the Operations Manager for the company. In addition, I continue to provide project teams with support on overall site remediation processes and remediation engineering.   

Away from work, my passion is the outdoors. I enjoy all forms of exercise and own seven bicycles and at least ten pairs of skis. Enjoying time with my family and friends is what I do most outside of work. I am also a fan of contemporary classical music and off-beat poetry.

Our People Matter

Trihydro’s employees are its most valuable assets. We invest in employee development—and encourage an open, team-oriented, informal atmosphere that fosters employee well-being.

We are a team that builds strong client relationships founded on hard work and integrity. We seek talented, motivated professionals committed to doing the same.